Hi-Speed Dubbing

About us

History is riddled with wonderful innovations for consuming and sharing music. The iPod, Napster, the Walkman and the CD-R were all pretty cool. But my very favourite music advancement were the magic words "dual cassette."

I got my first dual-cassette boombox in 1990 and my teenage years are mostly a blur of mixtapes. Through high school, I worked at Shopper’s Drug Mart, where I could get 90-minute Memorex tapes at cost. I bought them a dozen at a time.

The mixtapes I made were all over the place, some just songs I was into for the car, others blending talking bits and movies clips and other sounds. I copied from the radio and I dubbed from friends. I recorded fake radio shows, made arena rock mixes for hockey dressing rooms and traded tapes with people through the mail. In my opinion, there was no more perfect medium for music delivery than the cassette. It was, quite simply, fucking amazing.

In 2011 I made a website called 52 Mixtapes. For a full year, I harassed my friends for new digital mixtapes based on a strict set of rules that mimicked the restrictions of a dead format. It was a lot of fun. Since then I’ve wanted to do something else; something just as fun but with fewer rules. That thing is this: Hi-Speed Dubbing.

This site is a place for mixtapes—collections of songs and cover art created by people who loved cassettes as much as I did. New tapes are added whenever. Sometimes they have themes, sometimes they don't. It's up to the maker. Poke around and listen. And if you want updates, follow us on Twitter.

That’s it. Nothing special, really. Just sharing music in an old-school way because we’re weird and nostalgic about these things. Someone's gotta be.